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At Home Care

At the Troy Veterinary Clinic we recognize that not all of our patients can come to the clinic to see we visit them at home! With a little advance notice a Veterinarian and Technician will be available to perform routine and (within reason) sick calls for patients.

At home visits start with a complete physical examination of the patient from nose to tail. Additional services we can offer at home include:
All Vaccinations/Boosters
Ear Cleanings/Organism ID + Medication
Lump Checks (Fine Needle Aspirate)
Anal Gland Expression
Nails Trims
Disease Screens (FELV/FIV, Heartworm/Lyme)
Skin Scrapes
Suture Removal
Blood Draws to be run at the clinic (Annual Bloodwork, Thyroid Panels, Phenobarbital Levels, Fructosamine Levels)
Radiographs?? (Stay tuned...)

We can also bring you any necessary medications, flea/tick preventatives, prescription foods, toys, etc. Essentially we strive to provide you at home care comparable to a visit to our clinic at an affordable price!

How can you set up an appointment or get more information? Give the clinic a call and our receptionists will be happy to provide you with a price quote and more information!

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