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Equine Reproduction Services

In our efforts to provide comprehensive veterinary medical care for our equine patients, we are pleased to offer reproduction counseling services.

Sometimes breeding and foaling happen without a hitch, but there are times when Mother Nature has other ideas and things donít go as planned. Our dedicated staff of trained professionals can help through our extensive reproduction services, which include artificial insemination, reproductive screening, and fertility evaluations. We also offer diagnostic ultrasonographic evaluation and other techniques for assessing the fertility of stallions and mares as well as the health of mares and fetuses during pregnancy. Please contact us to plan for your mareís foaling so that we can provide rapid assistance during foaling and the early neonatal period. Many problems can occur during and after foaling, so this period is a critical time for veterinary intervention for your mare and newborn foal.

If you are considering breeding your horse or have questions or concerns about the best way to achieve success, please call us.

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