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Bovine Reproduction Services

Interested in flushing cows or just getting cows declared safe with calf? Our team of veterinarians can help!

We offer routine farm visits for rectal or ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy. Our team of veterinarians can make ovsynic and presynic recommendations based on your herd. We can also help evaluate other areas of the herd management that may result in cows having problems conceiving. We also offer routine embryo transfer procedures.

Our facility is a clean and practical solution for farmers to bring their cows for a flush procedure. We are equipped with microscopes and other necessary equipment for searching the flush. A freezer tank if you donít have any recipients ready for fresh embryos is also available and all of the proper equipment for inserting fresh and frozen embryos. Our staff is trained on proper handling techniques of the embryos and the completion of the paper work involved.

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